The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Diamonds and rare gemstones have always been my true passion.
The beauty of an exquisite fine diamond or gemstone has always
made my heart jump with excitement.
This why every gemstone or diamond you discover at Shreve Crump and Low
has been vetted and approved by me personally. You get what I have already
approved and invested my own resources into as a purchase which will last for eternity.
Let me tell you a story of one my last rare purchases.
Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 12.13.16 PM.png
7.82 Carat D / Flawless Oval Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring.
I recently was offered the finest quality diamond in the world by a collector similar to myself. The collector is just as passionate so it is never easy to get a like minded collector to part with something they truly appreciate. Buying and selling is a little like poker you never really know what facts make the other tick. I can tell you the most exciting purchase is always my next purchase and my friend is in the market to purchase something and that means he has to sell to buy. This diamond is a 7.82 carat D Flawless Oval cit with matching D IF Heart Shape diamonds on each side and comes with a type IIA letter from GIA the ultimate judge of quality in the industry. The D is the whitest diamond you can buy unless it has the type IIA letter from GIA that says it is really a C color because it has no trace of nitrogen. Nitrogen is what makes a diamond yellow
and yellow or brown is not always a positive unless it is really saturate qualifying it for fancy color status. That topic I will leave for another story.
It is also rare to have a flawless grade which is rarer than internally flawless which means the diamond has a minor surface flaw usually around the girdle.
Well the conversation started out with the seller telling me what he thought about the diamonds value. It was a fare price but there was a little more work to be done. Sometimes a buyer like myself can syndicate an important diamond like this to other buyers. As a member of the diamond dealers club in NYC there is never a shortage of partners. Partners are for dancing due to the lack of control one has on the asset one covenants. I discuss the present market and clarify the sellers thoughts on my competitors ability to buy. The total negotiation can sometimes take days or even weeks to finalize. A transaction is best between to parties that trust 1000% that whatever conclusion is reached final completion is assured.
We went back and forth and finally came to an agreement. The diamond was mine now all I had to do was pay for it. So goes the never ending challenge of buying and selling the rarest of gemstones. High to low and back again the cycle always prepares itself for next great purchase. Now that I own one of the most beautiful diamonds I have ever purchased it will be my goal to find a buyer that has the same passion for beauty has myself. Will you be the next owner of the 7.82 D Flawless Type IIA Oval diamond? I may call it the Crump after one of my old partners in the firm Shreve Crump and Low since 1796.
Happy gem hunting until next time.
The American Jeweler
Shreve Crump & Low


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